srijeda, 25. srpnja 2012.

DUŠKO I BITNICI - Prvi koraci na Mesecu (1969) Single

DUŠKO I BITNICI was formed in late sixties, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Dušan Vlačo (guitar, vocal). This is their one and only single record from 1969.

srijeda, 18. srpnja 2012.

PROŠLO VRIJEME - Makedo (1974) Single

PROŠLO VRIJEME was founded in Zagreb, (Croatia) in mid-seventies by Ismet Kurtović (guitar, vocals), Đurđa Kvež (singer) and Borislav Ostojić (guitar, bassoon). This is their first single record from 1974.

ponedjeljak, 16. srpnja 2012.

TALAS - Perfektan dan za banana ribe (1983)

"Perfektan dan za banana ribe" is the first and the only album by the Serbian rock band TALAS. The album recorded in the MS Studio in Beograd and released in 1983, by Sarajevo disk.

subota, 7. srpnja 2012.

TONNY MONTANO - Tonny Montano (1986)

TONNY MONTANO, real name Velibor Miljković, is a Serbian rock musician. One of pioneers of psychobilly on the former Yugoslav rock scene. He released his debut album "Tonny Montano" in 1986. The album was produced by Buldožer member Borut Činč (who also played keyboard on the album) and combined punk rock and rockabilly. The album featured songs "Mrak", "Frigdna" and "Boli me zub" previously performed with the band "Radost Evrope". It also featured a cover versions of "Bonnie & Clyde" and Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance?". Toni Montano's next record "Talični Tom je mrtav", released in 1987 featured similar sound, and in 1988 he released live album "Live - Mi smo iz Beograda (Mutant party)" which was not well received. (from wikipedia)

petak, 6. srpnja 2012.

LUNA - Nestvarne stvari (1984)

During the late 1981, former Pekinška Patka members Zoran Bulatović "Bale" (guitar) and Marinko Vukomanović "Mare" (bass guitar) with former La Strada members Slobodan Tišma (vocals) and Ivan Fece "Firchie" (drums) joined together and formed LUNA. Since the band members were already well-known, the formation of the band caused great interest in the public. The band started writing new material, with Bulatović being responsible for the music writing, while Tišma was the band's lyricist. A few days before the band's first public appearance, Vukomanović had left the band, forming his own pop group Primavera, and was replaced by Jasmina Mitrušić "Mina" (keyboards, vocals). The first appearance the band made in March 1982, in Vienna Arena on the "Novosadski novi talas festival". After the festival, Luna started performing at numerous Novi Sad and Belgrade venues, establishing itself a cult status. In Radio Novi Sad studios, the band recorded their first demo, with "Ogledalo Lune" being the most notable track, becoming a local hit. Soon after, the band went on a Croatian and Slovenian tour during which, after the Kopar concert, the band met Marko Brecelj, a former Buldožer member, who took their demo recordings to his former band-mate Boris Bele, one of the head of the Helidon record label. Having returned from the tour, the band entered the Aquarius Studio in Belgrade, where, with the help of sound engineer Đorđe Petrović and producer Saša Habić recorded their debut album. However, by the time their first and only studio album, "Nestvarne stvari", had been released, on early 1984 by Helidon, due to a conflict between Bulatović and Tišma, the band had already disbanded. After the album release, the Rock magazine voted the album the seventh best album of the year 1984, and the band also got the award "Sedam Sektetara SKOJ-a" in Zagreb. Tišma and Mitrušić reformed La Strada, Bulatović went to serve the Yugoslav People's Army and Fece joined Ekatarina Velika and later moved to the United States of America. Together with Bulatović, former Električni Orgazam keyboard player Ljubomir Đukić and Igra Staklenih Perli bassist Draško Nikodijević "Dracula" he formed a supergroup "Collateral Damage", but the band did not release any material. Meanwhile, Fece was also the member of Jakarta, which disbanded in 1986. Mitrušić finished the Musical Academy studies and moved to Italy. After La Strada disbanded, Tišma quit his musical career and released two poetry books. (from wikipedia)

IZAZOV - Poželi nešto (1980) Single

IZAZOV second single record from 1980.