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DINAMITI - Izvorne snimke (1966-67)

DINAMITI were the one of the legendary rock group from 60s.They founded in 1964, in Osijek, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) by singer and rhythm guitarist Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac. Other members of the group were Alberto Krasnić (bass), Vladimir Lazić (keyboards), Antun Nikolić Tuca (solo guitar) and Miroslav Šaranović (drums). In Zagreb, in 1967 they were winners of the Rock festival "Gitarijada" and they split same year.

TUTTI FRUTTI BAND - Krila leptira (1989)

TUTTI FRUTTI BAND fourth album from 1989.

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MACHINE GUN - Put za Nakovo (1989)

Croatian short-lived garage rock band MACHINE GUN from Knin, active in period 1988-1991. Members were Aleksandar Ardalić Lenko (guitar and vocals), Goran Simić Baja (bass) and Srećko Kmetić (drums).

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DETLIĆI - Moon Shot (1962-65)

DETLIĆI were the first electric rock band from Novi Sad, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). In 1964 they recorded a few songs for Radio Novi Sad. They formed by brothers Bahun (Perica-guitar, Toma-bass), with his friends Ivan Ramać (rhythm guitar) and Deže Majoroš (drums). They split in 1965.

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NAPRED U PROŠLOST - Napred u proslost (1989)

NAPRED U PROŠLOST is an alter-punk/rock band from Banatsko Novo Selo (Serbia) formed in 1984. This is their second album from 1989. Still active.

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BEGNAGRAD - Begnagrad (1982)

Slovenian avant-garde band BEGNAGRAD was formed in Ljubljana (Slovenia, ex-Yugoslavia) in 1975, with following members: Bratko Bibič-accordion, vocal; Bogo Pečnikar-clarinet; Igor Musevič-drums and Vlado Spindler-bass. They recorded early material in 1977 at a Novi Sad radio station, but that was not released before 1992. This formation played an unconventional blend of jazz, rock, swing and European folk traditions, particularly mixing the Alpine, Mediterranean and Balkan influences. This line-up disbanded in 1978, just to be re-formed in 1981 with new members: Nino de Gleria-bass; Ales Rendla-drums, violin and Boris Romih-guitar, with Bibič and Pečnikar as old members. They finally recorded their first and only album "Begnagrad" in 1982. The band was short-lived and ceased to exist in 1983. B. Bibič continued a solo career along with participation with several groups like The Madleys and Nimal.Their only studio album "Begnagrad" was internationally re-issued with some bonus tracks and it remained a highly preached among the avant-garde/prog afficionados. Begnagrad shared many artistic approach with RIO movement and their frequent live gigs across Western Europe in early 1980s led a prominent RIO leader Chris Cutler to claim "they were so good that they were really their own best promotion. ...RIO had ceased to exist by then, otherwise I'm sure Begnagrad would have been invited to join." They were often compared with such RIO acts like Samla Mammas Manna or Stormy Six. (by Seyo S. Fetahagić)

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OPUS - Opus 1 (1975)

OPUS was formed in 1973 and the original line-up included the founder and organist Miodrag Okrugić, guitar player Miodrag Kostić and bassist Dušan Ćućuz, but soon they split. They were named after Okrugić's composition "Opus No. 1" which he scored during his tenure with the band Yu grupa. Okrugić re-formed Opus in 1975 with bassist Slobodan Orlić, drummer Ljubomir Jerković and singer Dušan Prelević (ex Korni grupa) and soon they recorded their debut "Opus 1", done in the symphonic rock style. It failed to draw attention of the public and the band split again. In various incarnations guitar players in this period were Ljubo Sedlar, Zoran Dasić and Vidoja Bozinović. The final line-up from 1977 re-formation included Okrugić, Orlić, drummer Zelimir Vasić and guitar player Milan Matić, but after fruitless attempts they finally disbanded for good. In addition to their only LP album, they recorded three singles from 1974-77. (by Sead S. Fetahagic)

OPUS - Dolina bisera (1975) Single

OPUS second single record from 1975.

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PREPOROD - Mrtva sezona (1983) Single

PREPOROD was a rock group from Maribor (Slovenia), active in the first half of the eighties. This is their first single record from 1983.