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GEA - Gea (1985-89)

GEA was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia), in former Yugoslavia, active in 80's. They recorded only two songs for Radio Osijek.

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KLADIVO, KONJ IN VODA - Vidov ples (1983)

KLADIVO, KONJ IN VODA was a Slovenian acid-folk band active in period 1978-1983 in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1983.


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WALT - Walt (1971-77)

WALT was formed in 1971, in Osijek (Croatia), active through the seventies. Members were Mladen Kujundžić (guitar, vocal), Ivan Čečić (bass guitar, vocal), Gašpar Hodonj (keyboards, vocal), Zdenko Rogina (drums) and Dragutin Matošević (vocal). They recorded a few songs for Radio Osijek.

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OK BAND - Vrata zapada (1987)

OK BAND was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia), active in the eighties. They recorded two songs on the compilation of  rock bands from Osijek "Pogonsko gorivo" in 1987. At that time Miroslav Škoro played with them.

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NOVE IGRE - Rođeni u prvoj liniji (1986-87)

NOVE IGRE were a pop rock band from Osijek (Croatia), active during the eighties. They released two songs on the compilation of rock groups from Osijek "Pogonsko gorivo" in 1987. Members were Renato Lukić (vocal), Denis Dumančić (guitar, vocal), Alen Vekić (guitar), Damir Šenk (keyboards), Renato Miler (bass guitar) and Davor Mikulić (drums). They split up in 1990.

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TOK ŽIVOTA - Don Kihot (1979) Single

TOK ŽIVOTA was a rock group from Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina), active at the end of the seventies and early eighties. They recorded two single records in 1979, and one album in 1981. This is their first single record from 1979.

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DUŠAN PRELEVIĆ - Na oštrici brijača (1983)

DUŠAN PRELEVIĆ-PRELE was a Serbian singer, journalist and writer. During his career Prelević released three solo albums and a large number of 7" singles. He also made recordings with rock band Korni Grupa, symphonic rock band Opus and jazz rock band Oliver. He was widely known for his raspy voice and, since the first half of the 1990s, an eyepatch (which he wore because he lost his eye in a fight). He died in 2007. This is his first solo album from 1983. (from wikipedia)