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SOUL SOUND BAND - Šiga šic (1971) Single

SOUL SOUND BAND was founded in 1968, in Zagreb (Croatia). They recorded two solo singles. This is their first single record from 1971.

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SOUL SOUND BAND - Nikad ne prestaje ljubavna pjesma (1971) Single

SOUL SOUND BAND second single record from 1971.

TIHOMIR POP ASANOVIĆ - Majko Zemljo (1974)

TIHOMIR POP ASANOVIĆ is one of the best ex-Yugoslavian keyboard players. He started with the band Generals in 1968 and played frequently across East European and German jazz clubs. He was original line-up member of group Time, taking part in their celebrated eponymous debut album in early 1972. During the mid-1970s he also played occasionally with Yu Grupa and Smak, while in 1974 he founded a super group called Jugoslovenska Pop Selekcija, which gathered some of the best rock and jazz players of the era. Together with a colleague from the "Selection", vocalist Janez Bončina, he founded jazz-rock band September in 1975. After they disbanded in late 1970s he played as a prominent session musician to finish the career as a musical instruments dealer. Asanović recorded two jazz-rock solo albums which act as rarity items for collectors nowadays, "Majko Zemljo" in 1974, and "Pop" in 1976. His specialty was Hammond organ. These records are recommended for fans of jazz-rock, funk and fusion styles. (from progarchives.com)

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TIHOMIR POP ASANOVIĆ second album from 1976.

GRUPA 220 - Naši dani (1968)

GRUPA 220 was formed in 1966, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) with members of bands "Ehosi" and "Jutarnje zvijezde" . They had their first gig in october the same year. In december they record their first song "Osmijeh" which becomes a big hit right away. Very soon they become one of the most popular bands in former Yugoslavia. Long hairs and "flower power" clothes attracted lot of young people. Flowers were the tickets for their concerts. In 1967 and 1968 Drago Mlinarec (vocal and guitar) composed music for two films "Protest" and "Tri sata ljubavi". They take part in "Zagreb 68" and "Split 68" festivals, and also first "Pop festival" in Zagreb. Grupa 220 released the first rock long play record in ex-Yugoslavia "Naši dani". They played as support band on the concerts of Marmelade, Status Quo and Mungo Jerry when they were touring ex Yugoslavia 1968. 1971 Drago Mlinarec leaves the band and goes solo. Grupa 220 continues to exist and record without him till 1975 when they split up. ( home.wanadoo.nl)

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MOTUS - Vita Est (1988)

MOTUS is a Croatian hardcore punk band which exists from 1988, and they have been on the scene for 20 years now. Throughout the history, they have experienced a lot of changes in their line-up. But thanks to their frontman Hogar, the band has never split up. So far they have released five albums: Motus Vita Est (1988); Cogito Aude (1990); Nasred Puta (1995); Razlike (1998) and Psi (2004).


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GRUPA T.L.X. - Čovek sa pehom (1982)

GRUPA T.L.X. was a hard rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1982. (thanks to skeleton)


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GRUPA HELIUM - Barbara (1973) Single

GRUPA HELIUM was a pop rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one single record from 1973. (thanks to peropero7)